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World Class Safety

The Group’s commitment to safety  also contributes to business performance and employee engagement. Effective safety management through identifying, managing and mitigating safety risks is a key element of developing a total safety culture.

We will ensure consistently good safety management across the Group. Our approach to safety covers the risks associated with daily office work and working at our customer and Vendors sites. Any incident or accident would be investigated and solutions identified to help prevent future occurrence.

Strategy and Goals

1BIE aim to provide consistently good safety management across the Group. Protecting the health and safety of our personnel is a fundamental responsibility.

 Embedding a commitment to safety across the business is a priority for the Group. Ongoing education  remind personnel that they must put safety first in all their activities and speak up on safety issues.

Managing Safety

2Safety across the business is a major priority . All Offices and personnel must comply with our Safety and Health Policy, which is approved by the Executive Management. Management is responsible for implementing our policy and delivering high standards of safety management.


3Industry recognised KPI's are used our performance and actions taken to minimise the risk to the Group’s personnel , its operations, and drive continual performance improvement.
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