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Technical Staffing

The service is dedicated to help companies find personnel for senior technical and managerial positions to meet a specific project requirement. We understand the qualities which are important in a candidate. BIE can provide experienced and  professional people with a proven track record in their field of expertise. We pride ourselves on providing a quality service to clients and candidates, whilst maintaining a personal and professional approach, with services tailored to the individual needs of customers. 

We offer extensive experience of sourcing qualified personnel for contract roles, and proficiency in assessment and selection techniques.

Companies are finding manpower services an effective means of alleviating staffing needs. The primary benefits of contract placement are:

  • The ability to hire for specific projects and specific periods of time.
  • Improved access to special expertise in hard-to-find disciplines.
  • Reduced recruitment costs.

To find out how we can help your business please contact your nearest office