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Material Certification

Manufacturers of steel products need to provide assurance that their products meet the specified properties. These can be in the form of either a ‘Test Report’ or a Type 3.1/3.2 ‘Inspection Certificate’ in accordance with BS EN 10204.

Test Reports are issued by the Manufacturer. A 3.1 Inspection Certificate is endorsed only by the manufacturers whilst a 3.2 Inspection Certificate has additionally been countersigned by an independent inspection authority who has confirmed that the testing and inspection process demanded by the specification have been adhered to correctly.

The Process

 Industry recognises an independent third party inspection as fulfilling the role of “purchaser’s authorised representative or the inspector designated by the official regulations”. Therefore, true type 3.2 certification is produced by the manufacturer, with test results supplied.

The independent third party inspector will have witnessed test results and verified the material’s identification and traceability. The BIE Group offers an independent third party inspection role to manufacturers for type 3.2 certification.

Notified Body

BIE has been accredited to ISO/IEC 17020 by UKAS as a Type A Inspection Body and are authorised to conduct material inspection services.

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Recent Projects

Client Project Equipment Date
Bohler - Uddeholm (UK) - 3.2 Certification for Inconel Valve Body Material 2010
Bohler - Uddeholm (UK) - 3.2 Certification for Super Duplex Valve Body Material 2011
Chesterfield Special Cylinders - - -
Valvitalia SPA Crystal Gas Plant Project 3.2 Certification for Hand Operated & Motorised Ball Valves 2011

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