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Supply Chain Support

Today, Clients are ordering materials, components and technical services on a global scale they need the confidence that purchase orders meet the specification.  The BIE Group provides a range of  supply chain support services  from supplier selection and evaluation services, project documentation and purchase order reviews to manufacturing support that includes engineering inspection, project auditing and expediting. 

Supplier Evaluation

Prior to the order being placed, the BIE Group provides an assessment service designed to provide confidence to a Purchaser that the Supplier has the capability, systems, experience and competence to provide the requirements of the order .  


An effective expediting activity is key to the success of any procurement project. We takes a proactive approach in highlighting potential problems, suggesting performance improvements and contributing to solutions. The aim of the expediting process is to ensure the delivery date of the equipment is maintained. Expediting can be carried out at manufacturers' facilities supported by desk expediting  from  BIE regional offices. BIE work closely with Client to establish the exact requirements and to ensure that projects are started, managed and completed efficiently and on time. Emphasis is placed on prompt, accurate, helpful and factual reporting. 

Engineering Inspection

BIE have the capability to conduct inspection from single orders to entire projects at the manufacturer’s facility. This work requires a variety of skills and experience, attention to detail, independence and integrity. For more details click here

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